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Chris Delboni
Business Description:

Media training and coaching.

Business Website Address: http://facebook.com/diretodemiaminews
Business Phone Number: 202-413-1418
Business Contact Email: chris@chrisdelboni.com
Edel Pontes
Representative: Edel Pontes
Membership Level: Professional
Business Website Address: http://www.youtube.com/edelpontes
Business Phone Number: (954)647-3464
Business Contact Email: edel@edelpontes.com
Kawa Community Partners
Representative: Tracy Kawa
Address: 21218 St. Andrews Blvd
Business Website Address: http://kawacommunitypartners.com/
Business Contact Email: Tracy@kawacommunitypartners.com
Marcia Teixeira Coaching and Consulting
Company: Marcia Teixeira Coaching and Consulting
Representative: Marcia Teixeira
Membership Level: Business
Business Description:

Navigate the transformations in your life and your organization and become a high-performing, meeting, and exceeding your goals.

Working in partnership with you, I will use solution-focused approaches in coaching and consulting that will help you move towards the desired future you want to yourself and your organization. As a result, you both will take ownership of developing your plans, implement actions, evaluate the impact, and define the steps for sustainable growth.

Business Website Address: http://marciateixeiracc.com/
Business Phone Number: 305-323-3093
Business Contact Email: marcia@marciateixeiracc.com
Carmem Lima
Representative: Carmem Lima
Membership Level: Professional
Short Business Description: Head Trainer and Speaker
Business Website Address: http://www.carmemlima.com
Business Phone Number: (754) 304-9722
Business Contact Email: contato@carmemlima.com
Representative: Daniela Guaraldo de Mello Ferreira
Membership Level: Professional
Short Business Description: Master Coach – Leadership, carreer and business coaching
Address: 9880 Grand Verde Way Apto 1608 – Boca Raton, 33428 33428
Business Phone Number: 561 213 2772
Business Contact Email: danimelloferreira@gmail.com